Dating Your Ex? Everything You Must Know

Have you been thinking about your ex of late? Do you feel like you want to date her again? While this might sound good if you give second chances, you must understand that dating your ex is a very different topic. You know your ex inside out, you’ve shares a romantic past and so on…

Before giving it a second try, here is all you need to know:

What was the cause of the break-up?

Your partner became your ex because you broke up with her. That said, there is that a good reason that happened. You need to go carefully through this issue and see whether you can work on it and improve it.

What mistakes did you make in the first relationship?

No relationship is perfect. You might have done several mistakes that frustrated your ex. If you’re ready to get your ex back, you wouldn’t like to feed her with more disappointments. Why don’t you list these mistakes and work towards improving them?

Is it love that drives you back to your ex?

Such a good question. Before getting overly crazy about getting your ex back, stop and do simple self-test. Is it the love that you still feel for your ex that makes you want to go back? Or is it jealousy, sex or other benefits? If your reason isn`t based on love, simply quit and save your ex and yourself for another heartache.

Is the feeling mutual?

Now this is the turning pint. Does your ex-want get you back as well? Is he/she happy in a new relationship? If your ex is not interested in rekindling the relationship, it’s time to let go off completely and focus on moving on. This is because, even if you managed to snatch your ex from their current relationships, you might not be happy afterwards. Love will flow from one side only, yours to be precise while the side remains dormant. The end results? More and more frustrations.

It’s not bad to date your ex. However, start with an extensive self-evaluation and find out if you’re very ready for this. Again, you must know these things fully before strolling to the past: reason for breakup, mistakes you made in your relationship, whether you still love your ex and of course you must know if your ex-feels the same for you.

Getting That Date Right. For Teens

It all starts with a crash and sure enough it might continue for some time or last forever.

I`m talking about teen relationships. However, dating for the teens is very much confusing, bearing in mind that they`re pure novices in this. As a teen, therefore, you need expert guidance on how to get your date right.

Teens date for various purposes: to fit in the society where all their friends are doing it, to seek attention (mainly for girls), attraction and so on. Regardless of your purpose for dating, you might have endless questions related to dating but you’ve never obtained solutions for. Grab the chance here.

Let’s look at three major questions you might have been asking and give the best solution to them.

1. When is the right time for me to date?

As a teen, the right time for you to date should be your wise decision. There`s no set time for teens to start dating. If you feel that you’re not ready to date, you should not force yourself to do so. Just hang out with your friends who don’t date as well and everything will be good.

2. What goes on when you go out on the first date?

Teens usually have mixed ideas about what happens when they go out on the first date. However, you should view it much like going out to meet a friend at a given place and sharing light moments as you sip coffee together.

3. What does it mean to become attracted to the opposite sex?

A good question here. Most teens wonder what it takes to get attracted to someone before you start pursuing them for a relationship. Simply put, attractiveness can manifest itself through physical appearance, smell (your personal scent), body language, level of friendliness (coldness or warmness), etc. If you feel that you like any of the listed characteristics in someone, then you’re attracted to them.

Now you have it, the solutions to your top queries to guide you into dating the right way. Are you a teen trying to make advance in the dating scenes? What queries runs in your mind and holds you back from making the advances?

Powerful Dating Tips Every Single Mom Must Know

Dating Advice For Single Moms

As a single mom, you might feel the urge to date again after suffering a divorce with the man you thought you could live forever with. You`re not alone in this- it’s very natural to all single moms.

However, you need to know that dating, in your situation, is a whole new idea. It`s very different from how you used to date in your teen days. Here are some tips to get you going as a single mom:

You’re on the right track

You’ll notice that different people e.g. your close friends and relatives will air out different opinions regarding whether you should date or not. But remember it’s your life, and you ought to live it to the fullest. If you want to date and kick out the loneliness in your life, please do.

Keep you kids out of this

When you start dating, never, and I say NEVER, expose the men you date to your kids. Imagine your kids meeting a new man every day or week? That will make them frustrated with you and even jealous. Save this exposure for that time when you feel that your relationship has some strong foundation, and it’s going somewhere.

Don’t strive to fill your ex`s gaps

You might get into dating with the idea of getting a man who is directly the opposite of your ex. For example, if your ex-was, not an ambitious man, you might look for an ambitious man to fill this gap. This is very wrong since, instead of getting a partner you’re interested in, you’re looking for one to fill up the holes your ex couldn’t.

Keep off from intimacy!

It`s very natural to feel that you want to ` get physical’ with your new catch but don`t confuse passion with love. As such, it`s, therefore, advisable to take your time to know about the new man fully. On his side, he`ll be patient and understand you- that’s if he`s a real gentleman.

All single moms willing to go back to dating should be ready to follow the above tips to avoid going through the hell of breakups again. Remember that you should maintain your parenting role anyway. Don’t let your new man have a share of the parenting role until you’ve been with him for long enough, and you’ve introduced him to your kids.

3 Dating Advice for Ugly Guys

Look here buddy… you need to change your mindset right now. As an average guy, you think that an average girl like you will come your way, and that’s all you need to a date. Whoever told you that an ugly girl would fall for you because you fall in the same league with her must have told you a BIG lie. What does it take an ugly guy to have your place in the dating arena, dating any girl? Some little but strong advice is necessary. And that’s what you’ll get by reading this post

Let’s get going…

Act like the hot guy

The first piece of advice for you is here. You might be asking yourself how on earth you can act as a hot guy, and everyone knows you like the ugly fella. That shouldn’t stop you from absorbing this advice. Simply act like the hot guy. For example, you can start teasing women and accusing them of flirting with you for being so hot and irresistible. Believe it or not, you’ll get your share of the hot chicks around.

Don’t hesitate to touch her, but appropriately

You’ve approached her and started the conversation, and it’s flowing well. But you are afraid of touching her because you think that you should not cross line- you`re risking being dragged into the friend zone. You MUST touch her when speaking to her in public.

What’s the secret behind all this? A quick look at science chronicles will inform you that touching a woman makes her more attracted to you and even remember you better (that’s if you touched her appropriately). This is the number one weapon for ugly guys use to be attractive to women.

Improve your appearance

If you still think that after reading the above information, you still don’t have the guts to get into the game, maybe you should try to improve your appearance to boost your confidence. This can be easily done by embracing fashion. A hot guy might be unattractive to the women for poor cladding. On the other hand, an ugly guy might dress perfectly and impress the women. Your appearance makes a difference.

That’s it! The dating advice for ugly fellas to shine in the dating arena. You don’t have to be an athlete, a model or look like Brad Pitt in order to make the game going. Look here… a valuable piece of advice above is all you need to make it raise your tactics.

Best Dating Advice for Shy Guys

Shy Guys Listen Up

So you’ve decided to give dating a try for the first time? Or you’ve already spotted that beautiful, charming girl and you’re sure that she’s the one but don’t know how to get her into your way? Well, keep your worries aside and discover some powerful advice below on how to improve your dating experience…

Be true to yourself

The first most important step towards improving your dating techniques is embracing your shyness. Once you accept that you’re shy, you’ll have an easy time trying to overcome it. Also, you`ll be glad to note that when the right woman comes your way, she understands your personality and helps you improve it as well. NEVER apologize for being shy!

Reconstruct your list of friends’ you hang out with

You may have identified yourself with other shy guys. You even hang out together and conclude as a team that you were born that way. This is very wrong. As they say- two wrongs will never make a right. The right thing to do, therefore, is to revise your friends’ list and let the number of bold friends outweigh, by far, that of shy ones. Hanging out with outward friends makes you an outward person too.

Remain committed

After taking the bold step of approaching a lady, tension starts building up in your stomach, and you feel very much confused and don’t know what to say. The little secret to applying here is to avoid the urge to quit. After all, you can’t afford to run away; that`s a whole new drama. No matter how uncomfortable you feel or how negatively she reacts, stay committed. Your tension adapts with time.

Work on your body language

It’s an undeniable fact that a shy guy have a poor body language. Imagine staring at the ground when talking to her, pocketing or slouching when walking? You need to eliminate all these habits. Instead, learn to make a good posture and smile along. You’ll not only impress your date by the confidence you build, but you`ll also enjoy the moments.

It’s true, most ladies die for the bad boys but there is the other bunch that dies for the humble guys like you! Don’t feel that you can’t get your empress for being shy. Knock out the tension with this valuable advice and enjoy the dating experience.

Expert Dating Guide for Introverts

Dating Tips For Introverts

Mhmm… where do we commence…

Right, let’s start by acknowledging how others view you as the introvert. Most of them, especially the extroverts, are afraid of dating you because you`ll end up ruining their socials lives You can prove them wrong by learning how best you can improve your dating techniques.

You might now stuck on how best you can shine in dates. Maybe you tried dating but failed terribly. You`ll be a changed person once you read and embrace the following powerful tips for dating as an introvert.

Let’s dive into the details.

Make the move

One thing- almost all Introverts are hot. It’s an undeniable fact! Women who die for hot guys might be very quick to pursue you. You might feel lucky about this, but it shouldn`t the right path for you. Rise up to the occasion, build courage and pursue that chick who drives you crazy.

When a woman pursues you, odds are- the relationship will not be smooth. With time, she starts controlling your life that feels awkward. Gaining courage to make the first moves is the sole solution in such a situation.

Take a course

There are many online courses for introverts to learn how to improve their dating life. Grabbing one for a few bucks and learning from the gurus can be a good experience for you!

Utilise your friend’s circle

As an introvert, you have a bunch of friends who you hang out with. This is a great resource for you. Let them know that you like meeting new people. You`ll be surprised the next time you hang out with them they`ll come along with new people. Take this opportunity to socialize with the new faces.

Go for online dating

Why online dating? Look at it this way; you’ll be able to get the conversation rolling as you’ll have enough time figure out what to say, unlike for the physical date where you might be blank and end up disgusting your date partner.

Additionally, online dating lists interested parties` details, making it easy for you o pick your preferred partner rather than approaching strangers randomly along the street.

As an introvert, the decision to date successfully lies in your hands. Bookmark this post and always use it as a guide whenever you set out for a date.